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MediaCorp Boby SOS小毛病大问题

Irritable Bowel Syndrowe part 1 / 肠易激综合征 上集

Do you know what an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is? It is a disorder that affects the intestines, causing some commonly seen symptoms such as abdominal pain, distention and diarrhea. Learn more about this syndrome and find out the IBS diets.

Irritable Bowel Syndrowe part 2 / 肠易激综合征 下集

There are 3 types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Diarrhea-predominant, Constipation-predominant, and alternating constipation and diarrhea.

Diabetics 糖尿病

By 2050, Singapore may have as many as one million diabetics. Of the adult population, 15 per cent will suffer from the disease, compared with 11.3 per cent now ! Who is most at risk for type 2 diabetes ? How does TCM treat diabetes ? Do you know what is Glycemic index and Glycemic Load ? What are the complications of uncontrolled diabetes ? How can we prevent diabetes ?

Fatty Liver / 脂肪肝

More people are succumbing to fatty liver in Singapore ! It is a growing concern in many developed countries ! What are the risk factors ? If left untreated, can fatty liver progress to more advanced liver disease such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer ? How does TCM see and treat this problem ? What is the best and healthy diet to prevent fatty liver ?

Hair Loss / 脱发

Are you troubled by hair loss ? What causes hair loss ? What are the nutrients and foods that help protect your hair ? How do TCM physicians think about this problem ? She will teach us to do a homemade hair restorer and acupressure !

Obesity / 肥胖问题

In this mother's day special edition of Body SOS, let's understand more about obesity ! The obesity rate in Singapore is about 11%, what qualifies someone as obese ? What are the causes of obesity esp for women ? How do we avoid hidden calories from local delights ? What are TCM and medical solutions for obesity and weight loss ? What is laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy ? A mummy who underwent this surgery will appear in this episode with her daughter to share her experience with us !

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