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"Thank you very much for the treatment. I consider myself fortunate to meet you. Take care, I will visit you next time when I can be in Singapore."

"I am so glad to have met you. I no longer have the backache and have been relieved of the bloating feeling after meals. I have not been a believer in TCM but you certainly have changed my mind. Thank you!"

"I am also heartened to find such a professional TCM player. You did a very good presentation which further heightened the professional image of your organization."

"The back acupuncture was excellent and unlike anything I have had here....... wished I was there longer to get some more! Thanks again for everything!"

"From unbearable to bearable, you will there for me round the clock..... Thank you so much for making my life so wonderful again!

"Ever Since I have received the treatment, my body condition has improved substantially. Thanks very much of what you have done so far, without your care, I am probably still suffering."

~Hong Kong~

"Thanks for clearing up the spots on my face. Didn't realise how bad they were until now..... the overall digestive system is much better and I can feel the improvement acupuncture has made for my body. Thanks.

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